BFREBesoin en Fonds de Roulement d'Exploitation (French: Working Capital Requirement for Exploitation)
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BP, BFRE, BM and BS are strategically important subsidiaries for BTG Pactual.
Moreover, Caixa is the largest originator of real estate loans in Brazil, with a market share of about 70%, maintaining a broad local distribution network, which can further benefit synergies with BFRE and its subsidiaries.
The BFRE group is a provider of financial services, focused exclusively on the Brazilian real estate sector.
EI made its original investment in Sao Paulo-based BFRE in 2009, recognizing the potential of BFRE's specialty finance platform and its market-leading reputation.
28, 2011, BFRE announced that it was negotiating the sale of the company and its subsidiaries to Banco Panamericano S.
After receiving the details of the transaction, Fitch will review the impact of the transaction on BFRE, BP and BTG Pactual.
The main activities developed by BFRE are construction financing for real estate developers and constructors and real estate credit for the acquisition of residential and commercial properties for individuals through BM, besides the acquisition and issuance of real estate receivables by BS.
BFRE group, on its turn, is controlled by Ourinvest Real Estate Holding S.
Out of this total, BFRE, through its securitization company, holds a significant market share of 32%, showing its experience and access to local investors.
We see our investment in BFRE as a natural expansion of our interest in the dynamic Brazilian real estate market," said Gary Garrabrant, EI's chief executive officer.
We are honored to have Equity International as a strategic partner in BFRE," said Fabio Nogueira, BFRE's co-founder.