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BFSBundesamt Für Statistik
BfSBundesamt für Strahlenschutz (German: federal office for radiation protection)
BFSBowling for Soup (band)
BFSBankable Feasibility Study
BFSBritish Fertility Society
BFSBlow Fill Seal (sterile pharmaceutical products and foods packaging process)
BFSBoston Foundation for Sight (Needham, MA)
BFSBanking and Financial Services
BFSBe File System (BeOS)
BFSBest First Search (search tree used mainly in Artificial Intelligence problems)
BFSBreadth-First Search Algorithm
BFSBusiness and Financial Services
BFSBenign Fasciculation Syndrome
BFSBackup Flight System
BFSBelgian Flight School (Belgium)
BFSBeatles for Sale (Beatles album)
BFSBachelier Finance Society
BFSBusiness for Self
BFSBritish Fuchsia Society
BFSBasic File System
BFSBackup Flight Software
BFSBelfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - Belfast International (Airport Code)
BFSBroward Factory Service
BFSBigger Faster Stronger, Inc. (athletic performance enhancement program)
BFSBeam-Foil Spectroscopy
BFSBourse aux Financements Solidaires (French finance association)
BFSBright Futures Scholarship
BFSBusiness Funding Solutions
BFSBudget Formulation System
BFSBinangonan Freshwater Station (Philippines)
BFSBonduelle Food Service (France)
BFSBusiness and Financial Solutions
BFSBudget and Forecasting System
BFSBasic Frame Synchronization
BFSBinaural Feedback System
BFSBeef Friesian Society
BFSBitfile Server for HPSS
BFSBattlefield Functional System
BFSBurlington Factory Studios (Burlington, Vermont USA)
BFSBasic Filtering Services (IEEE)
BFSBudget Forecasting Section
BFSBoundary Firewall Solution
BFSBudget and Financial Services
BFSBanking and Finance Sector
BFSBritish Fantasy Society (UK)
BFSBasic Fortran Support
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BFS Capital champions the growth and prosperity of small businesses by providing timely, flexible financing solutions.
Technavios market analysts have observed that costs are growing in the BFS sector due to the regulatory compliances that need to be followed by organizations here.
With headquarters in Coral Springs, FL, BFS serves businesses in all 50 states and, through affiliates, in Canada and the United Kingdom.
A design experiment was conducted to review the specific processing conditions within the BFS process.
Once basic compatibility is confirmed the next step is to test the product with BFS technology.
A general linear model (GLM) ANOVA was con- ducted on the combined BFS data to highlight the effect of deformation rate (3 levels) filler particle size (3 levels) and nanoparticle addition (3 levels) with post hoc Sidak test comparison (P=0.
End-vertex results BFS LBFS DFS LDFS MNS All Graphs NPC NPC NPC NPC ?
The chemical composition of both metakaolin and BFS is given in Table 1.
Headquartered in High Wycombe, BFS group has a nationwide network of 23 depots employing 5,000 people, including one in Felling, Gateshead, which benefited from a PS3.
Kauna Ndilula, Managing Director of Business Financial Solutions (BFS) said, "As a small player in the financial market, BFS is committed to the development of the financial market in Namibia and continues to play a catalytic role.
BFS has currently been used in cement and concrete industry.
The BFS will also include a study for the construction of a 5th Power Station in the plant.