BFSABlack Faculty and Staff Association (various locations)
BFSABritish Fulbright Scholars Association (London, UK)
BFSABass Fishing South Africa (Cape Town, South Africa)
BFSABureau of Food Safety Assessment (Canada)
BFSABush Fire Safety Authority (New South Wales, Australia)
BFSABois et Forêts Sud-Atlantique (French logging company)
BFSABulk Fuel Storage Area
BFSABlue Force Situational Awareness
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CHAMPIONS - BFSA Stallions: Baig M A, Koh Liang Feng, Vinu Johny, Jeevan Kumar, Niza Omer, Ancil Salahuddin, Arif Shamsuddin, Shinu Varhese, Margi.
The BFSA head denied the allegations, calling them manipulative, and argued that the company had been operating amid appalling hygienic conditions and had failed to implement the recommendations issued by BFSA inspectors.
BFSA President George PuthenMadhom congratulated all the winners and runners up and thanked the tournament sponsors.
The BFSA Stallions clinched the flight two title after defeating IC Deuce 3-0 in their final match.
The rainy day fund may be used for certain unforeseen events with approval from various government officials and BFSA.
Plamen Mollov, Chair of the BFSA, insisted that the accusations were manipulative.
Meanwhile, in level three, BFSA Panthers were a force in their first two matches, sweeping both 5-0 against Dadabhais and then ITL Thunders.
BFSA will assess if the quality characteristics of foods follow the national standards, developed by branch organizations and approved by the respective units.
In 2003, state lawmakers created the BFSA to work with the city to facilitate reforms following the years of fiscal decline.
The city believes that funds set aside at the BFSA will cover any required retroactive payments.
BFSA was formed in 2003 to provide financial control and oversight functions as well as a bankruptcy-remote funding vehicle for the city.