BFSBBahamas Financial Services Board
BFSBBrooklyn Federal Bancorp, Inc.
BfSBBattlefield Surveillance Brigade (US Army)
BFSBBeaupréau Fief Sauvin Basket (French basketball club)
BFSBBoston Federal Savings Bank (Lexington, MA)
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Mr Rahming said, I have great respect and admiration for what BFSB represents, and what it has accomplished as the front edge of the industry s development and promotion efforts.
Prince Rahming brings extensive international experience and insight from his many years working in Switzerland, New York and here, said BFSB chief executive and executive director, Aliya Allen, He follows in the footsteps of the many outstanding chairmen who have guided BFSB in past.
Some combat power can be tailored based upon mission requirements, but clearly the operational-level R&S organization needs more organic combat power than the current BfSB.
The memo did authorize one Trojan SPIRIT per BfSB HQs (against a requirement for two), but stated that any additional requirements would be reviewed against the WIN-T material solution.
Its primary mission is to provide quality field maintenance and to distribute all classes of supply, except medical, to the 525th BfSB.
He said : 'I want to encourage all member firms to be active in BFSB efforts to advocate and encourage the advancement of the financial services industry.
Language proficiency will be a main part in assisting drive the organization's vision for the Bahamas as a globally competitive international business jurisdiction for private wealth management, international investment into the Americas and emerging markets and residency for High New Worth Individuals (HNWIs), creating high value jobs and business, said BFSB s chief executive, Aliya Allen.
He is a 1987 graduate of OCS and has also served in the 525th MI Brigade; 82d Airborne Division; 75th Ranger Regiment; 205th MI Brigade, and the 525th BfSB.
Although each brigade combat team (BCT) commander has a robust intelligence staff and organic Military Intelligence (MI) company equipped to plan and execute intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) within the BCT area of operations, BCT commanders have grown to rely heavily on additional CI and HUMINT assets provided by the BfSB in order remain effective in HUMINT-intensive, COIN operations such as OIF.
These collection battalions form the core of five new BfSBs--three active and two reserve component; the first BfSB was formed in 2006.
the "Company"), the parent of Boston Federal Savings Bank, ("BFSB"), a federally-chartered stock savings bank, and Broadway National Bank, a national chartered commercial bank, announced today that BFSB completed the acquisition and assumption of seven branch offices from Encore Bank located in Belmont, Lexington, Needham, Newton, Sudbury, Wellesley and Woburn, Massachusetts.
This unique relationship has only one benefit--the BFSBs are full of intelligence assets such as HUMINT collection teams (HCTs) and multi-functional teams (MFTs).