bfslBerufsfachschule Langenthal (Swiss vocational school; Langenthal, Switzerland)
bfslBest Fit Straight Line
bfslButterfield Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited
bfslBison Financial Services Limited (British Virgin Islands)
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Country: South AfricaSector: Business and Consumer ServicesTarget: Fusion Outsourcing Services (Pty) LtdBuyer: WNS (Holdings) LimitedVendor: BFSL Limited, BGL Group LimitedDeal size in USD: 15.
BFSL is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal with a borrower base of more than 6.
3% Combined: 1% of full scale BFSL output (FSO) Electrical * Excitation: 10V-30V DC; Voltage output: 2V DC change 10V-30V DC typ.
If a steep arc on the curve exists (representing poorer performance), a common method to report a minimal non-linearity error would be to split the line in the center of the curve (Figure 2 -- BFSL practice).
25 percent BFSL at 25[degrees]C (77[degrees] F) and long-term stability of 0.
The Xmitr provides traditional transducer features, including 4-20 mA and voltage outputs, CE ratings, and 1 percent BFSL accuracy with electronic temperature compensation from -20[degrees] to +85[degrees]C.