BFSPBlack Forest Star Party
BFSPBattle for Skull Pass (Warhammer tabletop game)
BFSPBoat Facility Siting Plan (Florida)
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40) For the text of the treaty see General Treaty between Great Britain, Austria, France, Prussia, Russia, Sardinia and Turkey, for the reestablishment of Peace, signed at Paris, March 30, 1856 BFSP 1855-56 XLVI, 8-22.
Furthermore, as a follow-up to the BFSP lessons learned workshop, WFP and Cooperating partners have started operational planning for BSFP 2009 implementation.
Caroline Case, 29 BFSP 1137-8; 30 BFSP 19-6 (1837), Robert Jenning and Arthur Watts (eds.