BFTDABen Franklin Technology Development Authority
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For more information about the BFTDA, or other community and economic development programs, visit www.
The BFTDA is one of the nation's largest and most-replicated state technology development programs, providing a vehicle for investment in economic, community and university-based investments.
The BFTDA is dedicated to fostering technological innovation and strengthening the commonwealth's economy, while creating and retaining good-paying jobs that require advanced skills.
The BFTDA is a state-funded network dedicated to fostering technology innovation, strengthening the commonwealth's economy and creating and retaining high-salary jobs that require advanced skill levels.
The BFTDA also approved $250,000 in operational funding for the Delaware County KIZ.
One of the first KIZs to be approved by the BFTDA, the Southside Bethlehem KIZ has worked closely with its partners to create and implement its Technology Transfer Grant Program in providing more than $125,000 in assistance to five, new start-up companies and two early stage firms.
In that role, Bagley was responsible for managing venture and real estate investment programs including the Building PA, New PA Venture Investment, New PA Venture Guarantee Programs and BFTDA Venture Program.