BFTSBuilt Ford Tough Series (professional bull riding)
BFTSBuzz Feiten Tuning System (guitar/bass; California)
BFTSBright from the Start
BFTSBasic Flying Training School
BFTSBig Falcon Test Stand (SPACEX)
BFTSBritish Flight Training School (US and UK)
BFTSBomber Fighter Training System
BFTSBalanced Fault-Tolerant System
BFTSBilleting Facility Telephone System
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1 BFTS in meticulous detail, thoroughly describing the school's early days, including site selection, the administrative trials of standing up the new unit, and the logistical challenges of keeping aircraft and pilots flying over foreign soil.
1 BFTS, it gives less consideration to the crucial account of the British aviation cadets as individuals.
The nationally-televised BFTS features the best and highest-paid bull riders on the planet competing against the world's best bulls.
New York is the first stop for the BFTS, which will make 29 stops in 23 states before the Built Ford Tough World Finals in Las Vegas on Oct.
This two-engine test was the largest to date on the BFTS (Big Falcon Test Stand).
Along with the customary in-arena elements, arena signage and network television advertising, AlphaTrade will continue to enjoy and benefit from the PBR's web site and media guide exposure, text messaging promotions, and sole ownership of the new AlphaTrade Bull Pen - a specially designed camera cage in the middle of the arena where each Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS) event champion sits and is interviewed live as they wait in anticipation to claim each BFTS event title.