BFTTBattle Force Tactical Training
BFTTBattle Force Tactical Trainer
BFTTBattle Force Team Training
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In its current state, the BFTT is a pier-side system, just like the trainers Admiral Kidd demanded.
The US Navy's Advanced Integrated EW System (AIEWS), produced by Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics and Sensor Systems (Syracuse, NY), is just one such system (as is the BFTT, although the Navy has yet to implement this capability for doctrinal reasons).
Since BFTT enabl es training with other systems on the ship, other ships in a battlegroup, and theoretically any installation around the world that has a BFTT capability, navies could run a global exercise with numerous participants around the world.
The RAN also has a requirement that the trainers be interoperable with BFTT for coalition training.
The purpose of BFTT is to provide training to enhance naval combat readiness.
The BFTT system, developed by AAI (Hunt Valley, MD) and based on the company's Generic Navy Stimulator/Simulator (GNSS), would allow a number of ships and shore units from both services to participate in the same virtual battlespace, even though they may be geographically dispersed -- say, one fleet unit in San Diego and another in Sydney (for more on the BFTT system and the GNSS, see "Navy OBTS Program Gears Up for Production," JED, February 2000, p.
As described by Mike O'Neal, the deputy program manager for PMS-430, the Navy's Combat Systems Training Office, the BFTT (we've chosen the more ambitious acronym) is a COTS-based open-systems architecture that can run off a single workstation.
And those "things," of course, would include a range of daunting threats, as BFTT stimulates the radar, EW and sonar systems to pick up incoming cruise missiles, hostile aircraft and lurking submarines.
Where the BFTT makes its generational leap beyond the 20B4/20B5 is in packaging, obviously.
Taking advantage of advances in distributed interactive simulation (DIS), BFTT will also add multiplatform participation to surface training, in which a single BFTT operator's console can drive a common scenario for an entire battlegroup.