BFWABroadband Fixed Wireless Access
BFWABreastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation (Australia)
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This position by Ofcom is not at all surprising, given the importance of BFWA in Europe, and is actually very good news for the U.
But will this increased targeting of cellular carriers provide a sufficient market opportunity for BFWA equipment vendors such as Aperto, Ceragon, Ensemble Communications, EMS Wireless and Interwave?
In its new report, "Wireless Backhaul 2003: Worldwide Market Opportunities in Cellular Markets," Pioneer Consulting addresses these and other issues in order to provide up-to-date assessments of the WBH market opportunity for BFWA equipment vendors in the major regions of the world.
According to Paul Kellett, Senior Director - Research of Pioneer Consulting, "While sizeable market opportunities remain for BFWA equipment manufacturers in the last mile, they are primarily longer-term in nature.
MMDS will account for the primary growth in the BFWA market as Sprint and WorldCom increase geographic coverage over the coming years.
Worldwide BFWA service provider revenues will grow to more than $3 billion in 2005.
A, a major Italian telecommunications operator, for the deployment of its BFWA network in the Tuscany region.
The Company's comprehensive portfolio of BFWA products enables its growing customer base to offer carrier-class voice, broadband data and high- speed Internet services.
SGC's BFWA Local Loop system has a standard-based approach and was designed to create new alternative infrastructures and to upgrade existing ones providing metropolitan backbone capacity to copper and cable platforms.