BG2Baldur's Gate 2 (computer game)
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Destacam-se com as maiores medias, considerando os dois ciclos, os genotipos BG3 (30,3), PW9 (24,9), PW1 (24,8), BG9 (24,6), PW5 (24,5) e BG2 (24,2).
Com base nos resultados obtidos, pode-se concluir que dez genotipos (BG5, BG2, BG3, BG6, PW3, PW5, PW1, BBIO, BB5 e BB2) tem potencial para dar-se continuidade ao processo de selecao, pois apresentam bom desenvolvimento vegetativo, frutos de boa qualidade e de tamanho adequado ao mercado consumidor.
Quanto a estrategia da empresa 1 2 BG1 Minha empresa efetua planejamento N 1 12 e acompanha mensalmente os % 1,9% 22,2% resultados (real x orcado) BG2 Na gestao de custos de minha N 1 12 empresa, a contabilidade de custos % 1,9% 22,2% (ou area equivalente) fornece informacoes detalhadas e individualizadas sobre o custo das obras (materiais, mao de obra direta e custos indiretos), sempre que necessario.
According to the company, FleetWare integrates Cinterion's BG2 module to meet the small size requirements necessary for tracking non-powered assets such as shipping containers, fertiliser tanks or agricultural storage sheds.
The family variance was larger than the environment x family interaction variance for all traits in BG1 and BG2, except for biomass, test weight, protein content, and heading date in BG1C0.
Cinterion's BG2 is a compact, cost effective, wireless M2M communications module with an innovative, integrated antenna for field-proven, reliable cellular communications virtually anywhere in the world.
BG2 Global Qatar's technical projects director Greg Hills spoke about municipal organic waste management systems.
Speakers from the Qatar Foundation, Qatar University, Unesco, Atkins, BG2 Global Qatar, and the Msheireb Properties delivered key presentations on the latest technologies and strategies being used worldwide in the context of green infrastructure.
The BG2 population is related to the BG1 population, but differs from it by the inclusion of PI germplasm and of germplasm from only selected lines of BG1C0 and BG1C1.
During the seminar, leading environmental thinkers in Qatar comprising Atkins Landscape Qatar head and GIIG acting chair Lee Allen, Introductory Biology Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar's Dr Renee Richer, Qatar University's College of Engineering Architecture and Urban Planning assistant professor Dr Anna Grichting, United Nations for Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) project officer Mark Sutcliffe, BG2 Global Qatar technical manager Greg Hills and Msheireb Properties senior sustainability officer Andrew Kent, made presentations on environmental challenges being faced in the 21st century.
BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom -- Cinterion Wireless Modules, the global leader in cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) communication modules, today announced its new BG2 Module at the IFSEC 2010 tradeshow.