BGCIBotanic Gardens Conservation International
BGCIBasal Ganglia Calcification, Idiopathic
BGCIBoys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN)
BGCIBlue Gravity Communications, Inc. (Pennsauken, NJ)
BGCIBureau de Gestion de Conformité Industrielle (French: Industrial Compliance Management Office)
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Nowadays, and following the GSPC' objectives spread in the mission of all botanic gardens affiliated to BGCI, an educational group or department, or at least one staff member responsible for the development of strategies aiming to communicate biodiversity and conservation issues to the general public is quite common (BGCI, 2014a, b, c).
Botanic gardens, members of BGCI are more likely to implement the GSPC than non-BGCI members, as this institution promotes the implementation of all targets through the distribution of information and toolkits (BGCI, 2014a, b, c).
Although digital technology is changing how people live and communicate, botanic gardens are still experiencing this fast pace digital age (see BGCI, 2014a, b, c, vol.
neglecta provided information for locations in Arizona and California, but these areas were also covered by the BGCI data, so GBIF data are not included in the following sections.
The BGCI database includes data from 21 botanic gardens where the species is grown.
The BGCI database includes ten botanic gardens where the species is grown but only one, Myall Park Botanic Garden (27.
Sara Oldfield, Secretary General, BGCI, said: "Botanic gardens don't go into hibernation over the winter months and the glasshouses are a hive of activity and a tropical delight waiting to be explored.
To avoid a manual, taxon-by-taxon comparison with each threatened species list, the BGCI Plant Upload was utilized to assign threat ranks to the entire living collection and connect our collections to a global botanical community (BGCI, 2011).
Gardens can upload a taxon list for free via the BGCI Plant Upload (BGCI, 2011).