BGEABilly Graham Evangelistic Association
BGEABoston Globe Employees Association
BGEABald and Golden Eagle Protection Act
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Graham conceded that he has in years past used the BGEA to send messages to donors advising them to support "candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel.
Martin discusses the BGEA throughout; see the index entry on 721.
Graham is expected to continue to remold BGEA even as his father remains in the limelight a bit longer.
Army and the BGEA to convert the children of minority faith families to evangelical Christianity," Stiefel, a member of Americans United's National Advisory Council, told Church & State.
A negotiated 10-year flexible jurisdiction agreement that will allow the Globe to deploy guaranteed employees from another union to work side-by-side with BGEA employees in various advertising, editorial and information systems job classifications.
BGEA directs a wide range of domestic and international ministries.
Graham has assigned the book and all royalties to BGEA.
I am proud of Franklin's leadership of the BGEA, and the way it is showing the love of Christ to a hurting world and using new technology to share the Gospel message," Mr.
Graham remains involved in active ministry as his heath allows, working on several writing projects and maintaining interest in the BGEA, the organization he founded in 1950.
Arrangements have also been made for the public to place memorials at two remembrance locations, where BGEA staff will be on hand to receive flowers and condolences.
One of the early uses of media by the BGEA was the "Hour of Decision" radio program begun in 1950, which she named.