BGLOBlack Greek Letter Organizations
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In the past eight years, several BGLOs have marked or passed a celebratory milestone--their 100th anniversary.
Despite the accomplishments of BGLOs throughout their widespread histories, they are attracting a growing number of critics in academia and media, including some from within their own ranks, who question their relevance and adherence to their founding principles.
The BGLOs continue to describe their purpose as primarily service-oriented.
But critics of BGLOs say most of them are not doing their best to confront the problems facing Black communities, particularly health, education and crime.
Accordingly, "Jamal," a sophomore from New York City, stated, "I mean, I want to be a member of a BGLO, so I can see why many wouldn't want them on campus, but really, it's just going to add choices and allow everyone more personal freedom.
The Pike colony can be hailed as a multicultural victory by some, or labeled as a troubling incursion and disruption of an already threatened BGLO tradition by others.
However, BGLOs cannot be dismissed from similar accusations, as their hazing, classism, colorism, and homophobia has led to a recent pattern of self-destructive behavior and alienation amidst the Black community (Jones, 2004; Kimbrough, 2003; Parks & Brown, 2005).
Nine of the students (24%) interviewed were members of BGLOs.
Gloria Harper Dickinson establishes the historical and social context of BGLOs in the first essay.
For instance, research shows that, when compared to Blacks who are not BGLO members, BGLO members have higher levels of leadership and philanthropic involvement on campus.
Student affairs personnel, BGLO members and their supporters are concerned not about the past but about the contemporary state of affairs.
Forthcoming qualitative research on these groups suggests that there are growing cultures among BGLO undergraduates that extol anti-intellectualism, hyper-masculinity, thuggishness and promiscuity over scholarship and gentlemanliness.