BGMIBiography and Genealogy Master Index
BGMIBarrick Goldstrike Mines, Inc. (Nevada)
BGMIBarron's Gold Mining Index (finance)
BGMIBeautiful Gate Ministries International (various locations)
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I deeply appreciate and respect the perspectives, discussions, and insights I have gained from interaction with numerous BGMI personnel.
The minimum configuration to run die single user version of BGMI is a personal computer with: IBM XT, AT, PS/2, or compatible (80286 or faster processor recommended); MS-DOS or PC-DOS 3.
The software that runs BGMI should be installed on a hard disk with at least one megabyte of available space.
Since BGMI covers over 675 source publications in more than 2,000 volumes and editions, tagging all titles is a time-consuming process.
Two methods are available for searching BGMI - A menu driven search by name or an extended search option that allows searching for names including titles, prefixes, and suffixes), birth and death years, title of a source publication, and sources with portraits of the person.
This is an important time-saving feature, for as noted above, names appear in BGMI exactly as they are listed in the source books.
Unfortunately, in its first version, BGMI on disc fails to deliver the ease of use, speed, and convenience that searchers have come to expect from the technology.
For more information on BGMI CD-ROM call Gale customer service at 800/877-4253.