BGOVBloomberg Government (Washington, DC)
BGOVBis-Glycinato Oxo Vanadium (metal)
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trade market with BGOV, another new player emerged: Politico Pro.
But because the analysis stayed behind the BGOV paywall, it never became part of the broader Washington conversation about Obamacare, and public advocates of the law were unprepared when the case was, in fact, taken up by the Court.
When BGOV first came on the scene, it was putting out long, data-rich reports on key policy issues.
Scaling BCEN and BGOV both at 1 rather than at Traxler's 12 and 1 seems appropriate.
As noted above, these were the Accord years, and although the latter period may be characterised as managed decentralisation, both BCEN and BGOV are properly scaled at 1 .
Bargaining was uncoordinated, but BGOV would need to be rated as 'fairly high', perhaps 0.
com/election for in-depth coverage of the candidates' economic policy proposals, as well as profiles of the candidates, behind-the-scene debate previews and special analysis from BGOV, Bloomberg's comprehensive source for quantifying the business impact of government action.