BGP4Border Gateway Protocol Version 4
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Connected to NAP ANSP and to other operators like Embratel and Global One, it aims to diversify network exchange by using the BGP4 protocol.
We also needed a true BGP4 enabled network with 100% service level agreements.
Standard protocols supported include RIP, RIPv2, OSPF, BGP4, and IGMPv2 to support interoperability with legacy and multi-vendor products.
Digiport maintains redundant upstream Tier 1 Carriers providing over 2 Gigabytes of traffic capacity on its managed router BGP4 backbone.
The company uses customized, proprietary software in combination with BGP4 routing to make on-the-fly routing decisions, constantly analyzing the many possible paths for network traffic.
BGP4 and IS-IS routing protocol support will give greater scalability for service provider solutions across a metropolitan area network (MAN).
5-RU platform offers a robust and scaleable routing implementation including BGP4, OSPF and IS-IS.