BGRFBulgarian Gender Research Foundation
BGRFBritish Greyhound Racing Fund (London, England, UK)
BGRFBovine Growth Hormone-Releasing Factor (physiology)
BGRFBoston Gay Rights Fund (Boston, MA)
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We are happy that Dmitry Kaminskiy, who set an example for many by re-focusing his career from banking and technology entrepreneurship to academic philanthropy and supporting research in ageing, is joining our board of trustees," said Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, Director of the BGRF.
He also accepts that none of the Directors of the BGRF acted in any way improperly in their roles as BGRF Directors on the aforementioned or any other matters.
Blue the colour TODAY sees Sunderland stage the solitary BGRF Owners' Bonus Series final and the valuable prize can go to Yvonne Bell's JOHNY BOY BLUE (T5), writes Dave Johnston.
THERE are two BGRF Owners' Bonus finals taking place this weekend including Harlow's pounds 500 A6 decider, the fourth in their series, which goes off at 8.
NOTTINGHAM might be staging the three semi-finals of the Betfred Eclipse Stakes this evening but the biggest prize on offer tonight will be for the pounds 500 BGRF Owners' Bonus Series final at 9.
AS well as the Bags Track Championship leg, Sittingbourne tonight stages its first BGRF Owners' Bonus Series final at 8.
NEWCASTLE stage their fourth BGRF Owners' Bonus Series final this evening (live on SIS), and trainer Jimmy Fenwick looks in pole position to take home the pounds 500 prize, writes Dave Johnston.
YARMOUTH'S fourth BGRF Owners' Bonus Series final takes place tonight and those who witnessed last Monday's heats, live on SIS, will want to be with RAYS IMPACT (T6, 9.
It was heartening to read such upbeat comments from the BGRF chairman as greyhound racing continues to fight its corner for the leisure pound amid some of the worst trading conditions ever experienced here in the UK.
Each stake, which comprises two heats and a pounds 500 final, carries additional prize-money of pounds 1,100, which is provided by the BGRF.
It was made possible by an increase in BGRF income to that budgeted for.
There can be no doubt that these BGRF Owners' Bonus competitions, each worth pounds 500 to the winner, along with the Bags/SIS 500 Sweepstake contests (also worth a monkey), are a fantastic inovation for greyhound racing.