BGSSBerlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (Germany)
BGSSBasic Gas Supply Service
BGSSBig Game Season Structure (hunting)
BGSSBedok Green Secondary School (Singapore)
BGSSBattalion Ground Surveillance Section
BGSSBiomedical Graduate Student Symposium (Case Western Reserve University, Ohio)
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The epidemiology of PD transmitted by GWSS differs considerably from the epidemiology of PD spread by the BGSS and other native sharpshooters.
Prior to attending BGSS, most were confined in their homes and had few opportunities for intellectual or social development.
The BGSS rate is the commodity charge that is passed through to customers, based upon NJNG's cost to acquire natural gas, and represents one of the two separate charges that comprise the largest portion of a typical natural gas bill.
The BGSS clause serves as a method to pass along increases or decreases in gas costs to customers; therefore, SJG's income is not affected by BGSS rate adjustments or credits.
Planned reductions in the BGSS rate will offset the increase in rates due to the CIRT during that time for our customers.
The BGSS serves as a method to pass along increases and decreases in wholesale gas costs directly to customers without affecting SJG's income.
A reduction in margin on the BGSS contract reduced earnings by $0.
Under the BGSS (Basic Gas Supply Service) contract between Power and PSE&G, Power is able to use a combination of forward contracts and gas storage capabilities to mitigate the impact of higher prices on residential customers.
Combined with the BGSS reduction, a residential heating customer would see net savings of $14.
NJNG proposed a decrease to the BGSS rate that reduces the average residential heating customer's bill by 3.
More favorable prices in the natural gas market also aided margins realized on the BGSS contract, which contributed $0.