BGSTBiblical Graduate School of Theology (est. 1989; Singapore)
BGSTBradley Gunnery Skills Test
BGSTBrea Glenbrook Swim Team (California)
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BGST undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, because of new information and/or future events.
We gave guidance that each crew will spend four hours per month in the UCOFT and continue to focus opportunity training on the BGST.
In addition to the BGST, various members of the Independent Artists Initiative, such as Genco Erkal, GE-lriz Sururi, Rutkay Aziz, Ferhan E[currency]ensoy, Levent E[pounds sterling]zE-mcE- and Emre Kynay, protested the ministry's discrimination with a public statement at Ses Theater Hall at the beginning of the month.