BHBABlackdown Hills Business Association (UK)
BHBABeacon Hill Business Association (Boston, MA)
BHBABrantford Home Builders' Association (Canada)
BHBABritish Hairdressing Business Awards (UK)
BHBABeverly Hills Bar Association (since 1931; Beverly Hills, California)
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Based on table 7 and pearson's Correlation index revealed that between NEFA and BHBA serum values there is a significant and direct correlation so that correlation index was r=0.
BHBA will assess its rights with regard to the agreement.
The observations obtained in the present study showed that plasma BHBA and cholesterol concentration were lower in the high proportion of CGW diets.
has agreed to sell 561,834 shares of BHBA, or 47% of the issued and outstanding shares.
As a consequence, acetyl coenzyme A is converted to acetoacetate which is then reduced to BHBA by BHBA dehydrogenase or spontaneously decarboxylized to acetone (Brumby et al.
Serum concentrations of BHBA, NEFA, glucose, triglyceride, urea, and AST were skewed to the right.
Monensin had no significant effect on blood glucose and triglycerides, but cholesterol, BUN and insulin were significantly higher and BHBA was significantly lower in cows treated with monensin than in the control group (p<0.
71 Mcal/kg pre-partum was associated with higher tissue mobilization and plasma BHBA compared with abruptly changing to a lactation diet post-partum (Guo et al.
A plasma BHBA concentration of greater than 1,200 [micro]mol/L is a common standard used for diagnosis of subclinical ketosis (Duffield, 2000; Geishauser et al.
There was no effect of pre-partum carbohydrate source on overall plasma concentration of glucose, NEFA, BHBA, albumin, triglyceride (TG), cholesterol, AST, insulin, and cortisol during week 1 and at 28 d of lactation.