BHBCBlackwood Hills Baptist Church (Blackwood, South Australia, Australia)
BHBCBuckhurst Hill Baptist Church (UK)
BHBCBasse-Ham Badminton Club (Basse-Ham, France)
BHBCBellegarde Handball Club (Bellegarde, France)
BHBCBlack Hills Baptist Camp (Upton, WY)
BHBCBlessed Hope Baptist Church (various locations)
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Toyota found BHBC unstoppable in the entire second half as the eventual champions capitalized on their speed with a run-and-gun game, high shooting percentage and formidable defense, which saw them forcing turnovers from press, anticipating passes and converting fast break points time and again.
Five BHBC players scored in double digits headed by Nemitz Dangao who netted 24 points, followed by Haz who collected 23 points including 5 3-pointers, Marwan who tallied 19 points, Nalagon with 16 points and Garibay with 10 points.
Five players scored in double figures for BHBC with Malagon on 20 points, Federico 17, Garibay 16, Mendoza and Bagunong both had 11 points.
The actual number of shares will be determined based on the relative book values of OFS Funding and BHBC as of December 31, 2008 as adjusted for any additional loan reserves, write-downs or charge-offs, or certain transaction-related expenses and other items, with any shortfall of less than 80% of the outstanding shares filled by the sale of additional shares by BHBC to OFS.
Following the closing, the Boards of BHBC and FBBH will consist of five new directors designated by OFS who will be joined by two directors selected by BHBC.
For BHBC, Nemitz Dangao scored 26 points and Nalagon added 14 points.
With input from Janus Napuecas Gella The scores: Hidada (82-36) Minoza 26, Pasculado 13, Abellana 10, Yasser 9, Lacson 7, Carbonel 5, Atef 4, Taneo 4, Acas 4 Jollibee (36) Afable 16, Castillo 8, Fransisco 4, Silva 2, Saldua 2, Alfonso 2, Shyrich 2 V-Cool (78) Caberte 17, Asperga 12, Tobeo 10, Malit 9, Sausa 7, Panlaqui 5, Dhen 5, Taguiam 5, Martin 3, Velasco 2, Malit 2 BHBC (71) Dangao 26, Nalagon 11, Garibay 9, Carbonel 8, Engalan 4, Defensor 4, Gonzales 3, Iglesia 2, Cabalfin 2, Vebar 2 Butler (76) Balatan 19, Dela Paz 17, Greason 12, Guanzon 12, Agustin 8, Labao 3, Apostol 3, Delos Santos 2 Nesma (67) Pattad 16, Soriano 13, Mercado 11, Tobeo 9, Dela Cruz 8, Lusong 6, Enriquez 4