BHCAGBuyers Health Care Action Group
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The award was chosen by BHCAG members to recognize the Minnesota institution that has made the most advancement in implementing the patient safety practices endorsed by the Leapfrog Group of employers.
The Governor's 'Fit Workplaces' initiative advances healthy living, healthy working and promises a better quality of life for generations to come," states Carolyn Pare, chief executive officer of the BHCAG in Bloomington, Minn.
The eValue8 tool measures the steps Minnesota's health plans are taking to adopt electronic medical records, manage chronic diseases, help consumers chose high-performing providers and reward providers who provide high-quality care," explained BHCAG CEO Carolyn Pare.
Charles Montreuil, BHCAG chairman and vice president of corporate human resources for Carlson Companies in Minneapolis, Minnesota, indicated that one of the difficulties employers face is "finding ways to quantify and put into practice employee-focused success stories about how healthy living and working help to increase an employee's work-life balance, while, at the same time, impacting an employer's bottom line, their enterprise-wide performance and their capacity to compete in a global economy.
Formed in 1988, the BHCAG is a coalition of public and private employers working to recreate the health care system so consumers will get the care they need in the right place, at the right time and at the right price.
PharmaCare will also implement a variety of patient-centric and clinical programs for BHCAG, including initiatives that educate and empower members to make better informed decisions about their care.
According to BHCAG CEO Carolyn Pare, "The Leapfrog survey responses are a direct reflection of the commitment between the business community and hospitals to work together to give consumers vital patient safety information.
As one of the founding members of the Leapfrog Group, BHCAG helped form a partnership with other influential organizations, such as the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the Minnesota Department of Employee Relations, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce as well as rural purchasing and union coalitions to champion disclosure of patient safety information throughout the state.
Simply stated, the BHCAG mission is to align incentives, increase consumerism and market reform by creating a retail market for health care.
These employers have developed a benefit plan, called Choice Plus, offered by BHCAG members to their enrollees.
In 1997, "care systems" representing nearly 7,000 Minnesota physicians began contracting directly with BHCAG through its benefits program, Choice Plus.