BHETBeroepsvereniging Holistisch Energetisch Therapeut (Dutch: Professionnelle Holistic Energetic Therapists)
BHETBis 2-Hydroxyethyl Terephthalate (chemistry)
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Molecular weight and melting point values of PET monomer with hydroxyl groups [bis(2-hydroxyethyl)terephthalate (BHET)] are 254 and 109-110[degrees]C, respectively [14], Depending on these results obtained from DSC and end-group analysis, it can be said that WSCF-5 and WSCF-6 were mainly formed from BHET.
NMR analysis supports the formation of BHET for this product (WSCF-5).
The objective of the study was to achieve higher conversion of PET to BHET in reduced reaction time by means of reduced molecular mass of PET samples.
BHET was then separated by recrystallization, filtered, and dried in an air circulating oven at 60[degrees]C for 2 h.
The polycondensation of BHET and DCDPS in ratio 1:1 in toluene was recorded in Fig.
NOMENCLATURE PET Polyethylene terephthalate TPA Terephthalic acid EG Ethylene glycol BHET Bis(2-hydroxyethyl terephthalate) [M.
In the first step, BHET separation from glycolysis products was optimized based on Taguchi's design of experiments.
The optimization of the copolytransesterification reactor is made in two steps: In the first step, both homopolytransesterification, between BHET molecules, and copolytransesterification, between BHET and POEG, reactions are taken into account.
C], the prehomopolytransesterification and precopolytransesterification reaction constants, based on the non-isothermal reaction of BHET and POE.
Tomita and Ida (15) also reported that, if less than 2 mol of EG are used, the degree of condensation of 2 to 4 are formed as well as BHET.
These PETI copolymers had BHET as major repeat units and BHEI units as a minor part.