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BHHSBeverly Hills High School (Beverly Hills, CA)
BHHSBenton Harbor High School (Benton Harbor, MI)
BHHSBroken Hill Health Service (Australia)
BHHSByram Hills High School (Armonk, NY)
BHHSBunker Hill High School (Claremont, NC)
BHHSBritish Hosta and Hemerocallis Society
BHHSBaulkham Hills High School (NSW, Australia)
BHHSBroken Hill High School (NSW, Australia)
BHHSBarbers Hill High School (Texas)
BHHSBismarck-Henning High School (Illinois)
BHHSBeth Hamidrash Hagadol Synagogue (UK)
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Since nurses had a hard time getting the cart in and out of rooms crowded with multiple beds and visiting family members, BHHS also purchased 20 Carstens WALLaroo 2000 wall-mounted workstations.
BHHS also uses the WALKaroo II at rebound facilities for physical therapy and a new pediatric unit, and as it remodels and creates new patient areas, "we've purchased more of the devices and told the architects that they need to accommodate the equipment we're using," says Webb.
Over the next seven years, BHHS will invest approximately $30 million to implement an electronic health record (EHR) and automate healthcare delivery for safer care, greater efficiency and better service to its community.
After a thorough search, we realized that McKesson was the only company to offer a complete solution that can integrate workflow across the enterprise while meeting the specific caregiver needs in each setting, whether that be at the patient's bedside, in the emergency department or in an ambulatory facility," said Mark Moore, BHHS president and chief executive officer.
BHHS already uses McKesson's document imaging solution to electronically manage its medical records.
BHHS will also implement the Horizon(WP) Physician Portal, which gives clinicians secure "anywhere, anytime" access to the latest patient data, enabling them to make timely and informed decisions about patient care.
During its second phase of EHR deployment, BHHS will implement an advanced medical imaging system that can eliminate film costs while improving turnaround time and diagnostic quality.
BHHS will also implement McKesson's clinical decision support/physician order entry solution as well as a Web-based portal for patients so they can be more active in managing their health.
This issue of the BHHS journal is for you--an examination of the role of revivalism in the Baptist past--and future.
The BHHS presented the following awards: Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Contributions to Baptist History to Walter B.