BHIABrain-Heart Infusion Agar
BHIABritish Healthcare Internet Association
BHIABay Head Improvement Association (Bay Head, NJ)
BHIABachelor of Health Information Administration
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She brought both the new park and the new BHIA organization from infancy to one of the most well-respected and effective players in the Massachusetts environmental and conservation community," Ogden said.
Non-selective culture media: Colombia blood agar (CBA) + 7% FBS and BHIA + 7% FBS plates (CBA + 7% FBS and BHIA + 7% FBS)
difficile, subcultures were made from cooked meat broth onto CCFA and BHIA and incubated anaerobically at 37[degrees]C up to 5 days before being discarded as negative.