BHIVABritish Human Immunodeficiency Virus Association
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The BHIVA guidelines [5] allow change of PEP if it is not being tolerated for side effect reasons.
For further information on these events please contact the BHIVA Conference Organiser:
The BHIVA Writing Group was impressed by the results of the ACTG 5142 study [4], which suggested that two nucleoside analogues plus efavirenz produced fewer virological failures than two nucleoside analogues plus a boosted PI (Kaletra).
2nd Joint Conference of BHIVA with BASHH, 20-23 April 2010, Manchester.
Tony commenced ART 6 months after diagnosis in accordance with BHIVA guidelines, which recommend starting treatment when a CD4 cell count falls below 350 cells/mm3 [6].
BHIVA guidelines recommend that there is currently insufficient evidence to support treatment for other indications.
The BHIVA guidelines state: 'This clearly does not reflect current practice but is extremely helpful in drawing attention to the lack of clinical trial data with HAART in pregnancy.
BHIVA World AIDS Day Event Tuesday 6 December 2011 Royal Society of Medicine, London
BHIVA has developed a model highlighting the 'four faces of HIV' [1] that identifies two areas of complexity that have a direct impact on how the client may be managed by clinicians and how the client might choose to access healthcare.
BG Gazzard on behalf of the BHIVA Treatment Guidelines Writing Group.
Although there were local and BHIVA national prescribing guidelines at this time, physicians often prescribed what they felt was best for the patient based on their own experience.
The BHIVA [3] and NICE [4] guidelines, as well as the Halve It campaign, all conclude that we must improve and increase accessibility and acceptability of HIV testing within primary care and other settings.