BHJBombay Hospital Journal (Bombay Institute of Medical Sciences publication; India)
BHJBritish Homeopathic Journal (now Homeopathy; Faculty of Homeopathy)
BHJBrooke Hancock Jefferson (planning commission; Steubenville, OH)
BHJBachelor of Human Justice
BHJBritish Heart Journal
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In this experiment, we fabricated inverted BHJ polymer solar cells with a constituent layer structure of indium tin oxide (ITO)/zinc oxide (ZnO)/P3HT:[6,6]-phenyl-[C.
Hodgson, of BHJ Partners, said he hasn't heard of a good reason why a company should pay for an executive's personal use of the corporate jet.
The decision to move to BHJ was simple, explained Colin: "The company has a strong reputation for innovation and quality, and in creating great value for customers.
In addition to the advantages presented by the BHJ architecture such as large interfaces and interpenetrating network structure, this arrangement also suffers from several limitations.
BHJ Ingredients is also offering Halal beef and chicken protein solutions.
BHJ technology dominates early but, as flexible DSSC devices mature, they gain to capture 53% of the market in 2020.
We are delighted to fly the flag for Britain with our latest base stock range," said Richard Parnell, Sales and Marketing Director at BHJ Ingredients UK.
Rottaler, Bernard Matthews, Berry World, Bertana, Bertolini, Besnier, Bestfold Buskerud, BHJ Holding, Bignami, Bimarca, Bindl, Bio Marche, Bio-Zeus, Blue Whale, BMB, Bocaviande, Bocchi, Boehmer, Boerenbond, Bolton, Bonduelle, Bongrain, Bonometti, Booker, Bornholms, Bovleco, Bowes, Br Carlsson, Brake Bros, Brandons Poultry, Branston Potatoes, Brinks, British Beef Co, Broga, Broiler-talo, Bronte Foods, Brorup, Buchan Meat, Buonbuono, Butler Capital, Buxted Duckling, C.
The Entlat Log Cabin, 14481 Highway 97A, Entiat; BHJ Incorporated, Cathy Bowe, Monte Bowe, John Hanifan, Gary Lee Jeffus and Karen Jeffus applied for a change in license to serve spirits, beer and wine in the restaurant lounge and sell kegs to go.
Global protein manufacturer BHJ Ingredients introduced the world's first functional chicken protein at IFFA in May, in Frankfurt.
Rousselot Snaps Up PEPTANTM Range of BHJ Peptan Products 81
Following a sales shake-up, BHJ UK Protein Foods, which employs 60 people at its Ramsay Road base, has seen more new business converted in the last nine months than it has over the last two years.