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BHNBe Here Now (Oasis album)
BHNBright House Networks (telecommunications; est. 2003; various locations)
BHNBrinell Hardness Number
BHNBanco Hipotecario Nacional (Spanish: National Mortgage Bank; Panama)
BHNBurba Hotel Network (Costa Mesa, CA)
BHNBasic Human Need
BHNBehavioral Health Network, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
BHNBio Huma Netics, Inc. (Chandler, AZ)
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BHN scored well across these categories and significant gains were made in measurements surrounding chronic health issues like heart disease and diabetes.
Casting sections closer to gates and risers may have slower solidification that would lead to larger secondary dendrite arm size and a lower BHN than rapidly cooled areas (with smaller dendrite arm spacing).
In addition, BHN has kept open an active, two-way dialogue with the physicians, to keep them in the loop.
Ginger and Earl are suspects by the two female detectives who are just as funny as our BHN team.
Bob sent me a test casting in the 260 to 280 BHN range and asked us to process it, without telling the machinist the hardness," says Witte.
Tenders are invited for Improvements to BHN road to Halekariyammanahatty and Hosa Kariyammanahatty road in Chitradurga Taluk
Bright House Networks new BHN Secure network offers customers authenticated access to the more than 45,000 Bright House hotspots throughout all of the company's service areas.
Earlier today, LJP leader Suraj Bhn had announced that talks have been on between the two parties regarding the alliance.
Should we expect to achieve minimum BHN everywhere in the casting?
com and Siebel, BHN selected SugarCRM for its open source architecture.
BHN has continued to participate with the Pioneer ACO program in Performance Year 3 (current calendar year), and has recruited new qualified BHN physicians to further develop our Pioneer program in Performance Year 4 (calendar year 2015).