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BHOLBattle Hand Over Line (USMC)
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Rob Bhol said, " We are delighted to have won this award again this year.
Mr Bhol said: "This is a shocking case that demonstrates the dangers working people face where health and safety are neglected by their employer.
CEO Rob Bhol said: "Our growth strategy relies heavily on the hard work of our staff and their willingness to be flexible.
Rob Bhol said " The only beneficiaries from the changes to No win No Fee arrangements will be big insurance companies and rouge employers who neglect health and safety for their workers.
Chief executive Mr Bhol said: "All our staff diligently applied themselves to improving productivity.
Rob Bhol, head of the firm, said: "We are very proud to have our customer service recognised in such a high profile way.
Managing Director Rob Bhol said, "We know that a death or serious injury caused by a car crash can devastate a family and the effect on children's lives can be literally catastrophic.
DBS Law CEO Rob Bhol said "This is a tremendous achievement by our staff to be recognised among the top six of law firms in the country for our customer service.
DBS Law's Managing Director Rob Bhol said: "The money saved will be insignificant compared to the misery that will be suffered by every parent that loses a child in an avoidable road accident.
DBS Law Managing Director Rob Bhol urges the government to get even tougher with rouge marketing but leave the No Win No Fee arrangements unaltered.
CEO Rob Bhol said "Solicitors' training contracts represent a significant financial commitment and are like gold dust at the moment because of the economic situation and the turbulence in the legal sector brought about by damaging government changes to legal aid and no win no fee arrangements.
Arnold, pictured with DBS Law's Rob Bhol, has also represented the trust in a Home Office event into gang and knife culture, and gives talks to budding entrepreneurs.