BHPABritish Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (governing body for hang gliding and paragliding in the UK)
BHPABlack-Headed Parakeet
BHPABigelow House Preservation Association (Olympia, WA)
BHPAByram Hills Preschool Association (Armonk, NY)
BHPABuffington Harbor Parking Associates, LLC
BHPABritish Herbal Practitioners Association (UK)
BHPABalmoral Hall Parent Association (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
BHPABit Hydraulic Power/Area
BHPABuffalo Homing Pigeon Association
BHPABlair Historical Preservation Alliance (Blair, Nebraska)
BHPABulgarian Heat Pump Association
BHPABedfordshire Health Promotion Agency (UK)
BHPABeacon Hill Park Association (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
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T-test analysis was performed to determine whether there were statistically significant differences in HPLP II and BHPA scores for traditional and nontraditional students (see Table 3).
In addition, a significant difference existed between the BHPA scale scores of traditional and nontraditional nursing students, with nontraditional students reporting more perceived barriers to health-promoting behaviors than traditional students.
Table 2: Results from the BHPA Scale for Traditional and Nontraditional Nursing Students Traditional Nontraditional Nursing Nursing Students (n = 43) Students (n = 70) Item Mean SD Mean SD Lack of money 2.
Majestic Star's operating expenses, including fifty percent of BHR and BHPA (for comparative purposes), declined from $30.
Majestic Star, Majestic Star II, BHR and BHPA (collectively, "the Majestic Properties") contributed $8.
6 million at Majestic Star, including fifty percent of the operating expenses of BHR and BHPA.
Majestic Star's operating expenses, including fifty percent of the current quarter BHR and BHPA operating expenses, was down significantly from the first quarter of 2005.
Majestic Star II and its fifty percent interest in BHR and BHPA contributed $10.
Barden, the Company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer commented, "We were very pleased with the combined contributions of Majestic Star II, BHR and BHPA of $34.
8) The assets of Majestic Star and Corporate include inter-company receivables from Majestic Star II, Fitzgeralds Tunica, BHR, BHPA, Investor Holdings and Fitzgeralds Black Hawk totaling approximately $428.
In addition to the EBITDA and adjusted EBITDA supplement disclosures, management has also provided EBITDA and adjusted EBITDA supplemental information on a pro forma basis as if the acquisition of Trump Indiana, the redemption and defeasance of Majestic Investor Holdings, LLC's notes, refinancing the debt of BHPA and the refinancing of certain other debt obligations, and the contribution of AMB Parking, LLC's interest in BHPA to the Company, were all completed on January 1, 2005.
4) Represents operating activities of Majestic Star II, BHR and BHPA from December 21, 2005 through December 31, 2005.