BHPSBritish Household Panel Study
BHPSBritish Hedgehog Preservation Society (UK)
BHPSBalestier Hill Primary School (Singapore)
BHPSBurrillville Historical and Preservation Society (est. 1970; Pascoag, RI)
BHPSBronzeville Historical Preservation Society
BHPSBlack Hill Primary School (Australia)
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The BHPS is based in the hamlet of Dhustone, near Ludlow, Shropshire.
The BHPS has produced a poster highlighting dangers hedgehogs face in our gardens to mark this Hedgehog Awareness Week.
The BHPS is meant to be representative of the pension choices of the UK population.
All job satisfaction questions in the BHPS are reported on a 7-value Likert scale, 1 being the least satisfied, 7 the most satisfied.
While the BHPS data do not indicate whether or not respondents are aware of the accessible private facilities in their area, data on their prevalence can be used to indicate the likely impact they have in the decision by individuals to purchase PMI coverage (Propper, Rees, and Green 2001).
The BHPS, based at Hedgehog House in Dhustone, Ludlow, yesterday said it was delighted that the cause of so many hedgehog deaths could soon be a thing of the past.
The BHPS data set contains information on personal characteristics; economic, work and family circumstances; socio-demographic variables; and attitudes towards a variety of life and work issues.
They have been donating 5p from every bottle sold to BHPS, and on this night presented another cheque for PS5,000 which is a tremendous boost to the coffers.
Offering full-spectrum beauty treatments from customized facials to mommy makeover procedures, BHPS, Inc.
Analysis by Crossley and O'Dea (2012) using the BHPS shows that between 2000 and 2005 financial assets of households above median income rose sharply with almost no change for those below median income.
For free advice and to obtain the names of carers in your area in advance of bonfire night, contact the BHPS on 01584 890 801 or see our website at www.
The micro data on happiness are easily obtainable from most data archives including ICPSR for the GSS and the Eurobarometers, the Data Archive at the University of Essex and ZACAT in Germany for the Eurobarometers, ISSP, European Social Survey, BHPS, GSOEP, European Quality of Life Survey, European Social Surveys and so on.