BHRWSBahrain Human Rights Watch Society
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is more important than profits," said Faisal Fulad, secretary-general of the BHRWS.
Mr Fulad said that the BHRWS women's committee had already sent two letters to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, demanding that the issue be raised at the 28th UNHRC meeting in Geneva.
The BHRWS has learnt that people in the villages are not happy with the situation on the streets and they were forced into being a part of these riots on February 14.
Meanwhile, BHRWS secretary general Faisal Fulad attacked both the organisers for not asking his society to speak and the NUA for initially accepting the offer.
He added a Bahrain Coalition for Justice, which was set up by the BHRWS, had compiled a dossier of evidence to be submitted to investigators.
It added that BHRWS believed there were more than 4,000 existing cases of travel bans in Bahrain.
Almoayyed said the BHRWS had helped find alternative accommodation for Pakistanis living in Hidd.
Hundreds of children are thought to be taking part in such violent acts every week, representing a 'dangerous trend'", BHRWS secretary-general Faisal Fulad told the GDN.
The (Facebook) group and the BHRWS are appealing to those imposing the bans to find a more humane policy of ensuring money owed is paid back," the BHRWS said in a statement.
BHRWS secretary-general Faisal Fulad said the document highlighted religious leaders' lack of criticism of radical groups behind a campaign of violence against police and expats.
Everything went smoothly as we observed voters cast their ballots,' said BHRWS secretary-general Faisal Fulad.
It is very bad to see poor workers dying in their sleep because of fire," said BHRWS secretary-general Faisal Fulad.