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BHTButylated Hydroxytoluene
BHTBody Hair Transplantation (surgical procedure)
BHTBranch History Table
BHTBottom-Hole Temperature
BHTBernard l'Hermite Terrestre (French: Land Hermit Crab)
BHTBlunt Head Trauma
BHTBell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
BHTBadminton Horse Trials (UK)
BHTBremer Hafentelematik (Germany)
BHTBrinell Hardness Test
BHTBattlefield Health and Trauma (military medical supply contracting)
BHTBio-Heat Transfer
BHTBoulogne Hub Terminal (Boulogne, France)
BHTBritish Home Tutors (UK)
BHTBlack Hole Tube (DJ Scissorkicks)
BHTBig Hunky Teen
BHTBuffer Handling Technique
BHTBourgogne Hydro Technologie (French: Burgundy Hydro Technology)
BHTBudway Heritage Trucking
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It reportedly can replace phenolic/phosphite combinations in polyolefins and possibly BHT in urethanes.
says it dropped BHT from all its resins six years ago, choosing alternative hindered phenolic antioxidants.
Nitroxyl-based additives such as TEMPO provide several performance advantages over hydrogen donor antioxidants such as BHT.
In the Karan Fries bull semen, for all periods of incubation except after 72 h, BHT, PTX and Vit E were significantly (p<0.
Hasta grubuna uygulanan cerrahi tedaviler ve tumor ozellikleri Cerrahi tedavi Acik radikal nefrektomi 29 Acik parsiyel nefrektomi 5 Laparoskopik radikal nefrektomi 2 T evresi T1a 8 T1b 11 T2 3 T3a 9 T3b 3 T4 2 N evresi N0 28 N1 5 N2 3 M evresi M0 31 M1 5 Histolojik inceleme Seffaf hucreli BHT 18 Kromofob BHT 3 Papiller tip 1 BHT 3 Musinoz tubuler igsi hucreli BHT 2 Papiller tip 2 1 Siniflandirilmayan BHT 1 Skuamoz hucreli karsinom 1 Mikst tip 5 Sarkomatoid BHT 1 Multilokuler kistik BHT 1 BHT: Bobrek hucreli tumor.
DTRD's new home fosters continuous, direct, and personal contacts with BHT researchers, enriching the process of exchanging ideas and technologies.
Tenox BHT and Tenox BHA are food-grade antioxidants for PE packaging.
The stopper made using bromobutyl with a low BHT level also fares better in comparison to the one made using bromobutyl with a higher level of BHT antioxidant.
However, BHT and extract from male flower shows very poor (negligible) ferrous chelating ability.
Remedies reported by Post readers include eating fresh or dried blueberries, avoiding the food preservatives BHA and BHT, and taking prescription cholestyramine oral suspension (brand name: Questran).