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BHTABritish Healthcare Trades Association (London, England, UK)
BHTABarbados Hotel & Tourism Association
BHTABritish Horse Trials Association
BHTABingham Heritage Trails Association (Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK)
BHTABrisbane Hardcourt Tennis Association (Australia)
BHTaBreath-Holding Times in Air (pulmonary function)
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The BHTA said: "There are a lot of pros and cons about collapsible fences, and we cannot use them until the cons are eliminated
In the wake of the report, the BHTA asked the TRL to find ways of improving safety.
Suppliers are encouraged to follow the NFU code of practice developed in conjunction with the BHTA.
Butlers Marston's Laura Webb watched her horse Zippo collect second place at the Berrington Hall BHTA Horse Trials, staged near Leominster and drawing international and local riders alike despite wet weather.
He is a gold medalist in the BHTA 2004 Culinary Competition, and the winner of the Eat
This call for action was mirrored by many other presentations and the partnership between the BHTA and e.
The Steering Group, working to an agreed timetable, will provide guidance on how BHTA members can adopt the use of open, multi-sector EAN.