BIALOBinocular Indirect Argon Laser Ophthalmoscopy
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It's been useful in getting Europe focused on capabilities, but they haven't 'bit the bullet' and committed to certain platforms for the future," Bialos said.
Bialos stressed that the process requires gradual steps.
An obvious first step is communications, Bialos said.
Bialos has served as a member of the Defense Science Board Task Force examining the future of the U.
Bialos is available to comment in detail on the new legislation and how the business community will need to take the new, more robust CFIUS review process into account in their business planning, execution of acquisitions, and post-acquisition compliance with possible mitigation agreements entered into with CIFUS.
Bialos served in several senior positions in the Clinton Administration.
Bialos has broad ranging legal and governmental experience on aerospace, defense and homeland security matters, including mergers, acquisitions, procurement, export controls and international business practices.
Bialos noted that the Bush administration needs strong leadership in defense policy.
Though she is nor yet well known within the Defense Department, neither Bialos nor Oliver believes that will hinder her performance.
Bialos has been a Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the John F.
Bialos will serve as senior advisor to JSA Associates, a leading aerospace and defense consulting firm.
Bialos also was recently named Executive Director of the newly formed Program on Transatlantic Security and Industry at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies, which will focus on the evolving role of NATO, the future of coalition war fighting, development of transatlantic war fighting capabilities, and the integration of transatlantic defense industries.