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BIANBanking Industry Architecture Network
BIANBig Island Association of Nurserymen (Hawaii)
BIANBrain Injury Association of Nipissing
BIANBrain Injury Association Network (virtual community)
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Two months ago, I started learning Arabic so that I can cope when I visit Egypt, and I hope this happens soon," Bian said.
L'aspect Do It Yourself, cette souplesse a l'expression, cette spontaneite du << faire soi-meme >> en vue de creer une touche personnelle avec les technologies de fabrications actuelles, se retrouvent egalement dans d'autres Luvres exposees a l'Arsenal art contemporain, quartier general de la BIAN 2016.
22) These family registers, largely compiled on imperial orders, (23) may have been instrumental in creating the genealogy Li Bian was looking for.
IFX Forum and BIAN are two complementary standards development organisations that address Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in financial services.
Bian notes that living arrangements differ within communities, such as retirement homes where there may be fewer outside exposures than a family of four, and college dormitories, where individuals may have many more outside contacts.
His country was invaded in 974 by Taizu, founder of the Song dynasty (960-1279), and when his capital, Jinling, fell the next year, Li Yu surrendered and was taken to the Song capital, Bian.
BIAN initially began its work with a broad semantic description of the banking services landscape, and while this work continues, it will eventually move to the task of creating new service definitions or adopting existing ones.
Founded in 1571, Bian in Laguna province became a city in 2010.
The PNC Financial Services Group, is participating in BIAN, an international organisation developing standards for banking technology vendors and several of the world's banks, to create a framework for core banking.
The Chinese government has always paid great attention to cracking down on fake drugs,'' Bian said at a news conference in Beijing yesterday.
Yesterday, Glencoe mountain rescue team leader John Grieve said: "There was a party of three coming off Bidean Nam Bian when one climber was either blown off by the strong winds or he hit a bit of loose snow.
The accident happened as she was walking on Bidean Nam Bian, in Glencoe.