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BIANBanking Industry Architecture Network
BIANBig Island Association of Nurserymen (Hawaii)
BIANBrain Injury Association of Nipissing
BIANBrain Injury Association Network (virtual community)
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IFX Forum and BIAN are two complementary standards development organisations that address Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in financial services.
Having Oracle on board is a fantastic boost to the BIAN network and should be inspirational for others to join.
22) These family registers, largely compiled on imperial orders, (23) may have been instrumental in creating the genealogy Li Bian was looking for.
Ultimately, a comprehensive BIAN Service Landscape will enable banks to cut IT infrastructure complexity and integration costs.
Baru Bian is a lawyer, environmental activist, advocate on behalf of native customary land rights, politician, and a member of the SIB Kuching Evangelical Church.
I wished for good health, [stable] career and for my children to progress better in school," Bian added.
IBM's expertise will enable BIAN to make great strides forward in creating a common model from which the whole industry will benefit," said Steve Van Wyk, chairman of BIAN's board.
We had performed observational studies of XCP which had shown the paste decreased the frequency of COPD exacerbations, but this study is the first randomized controlled trial showing the effectiveness and safety of XCP in the prevention of COPD exacerbation," said study author Yongjun Bian, clinical researcher in the respiratory department of Gunag'anmen Hospital in Beijing.
THORNFIELD'S lad and dad Matt and Bian Lever and Dave Sands qualified for the last 32 of the national triples championship with a convincing 21-6 area final victory over Bromsgrove's Chris Barton, Peter Bryan and Neil Brereton.
Bian chicken is an eminent Chinese native dual-purpose breed, which is characterized by adaptability to coarse feeding and frigidity, heavy egg, high-quality meat and superior adaptability.
Jiang Bian has been named vice president of operations of Shanda Online.