BIAPBaghdad International Airport (Baghdad, Iraq)
BIAPBroadband Interactive Applications (BIAP Systems, Inc.)
BIAPBovine Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase (biochemistry)
BIAPBritain in Asia Pacific (chamber of commerce organization)
BIAPBase Information Analysis Program
BIAPBiuro Inzynierskie Automatyki Przemyslowej (Polish industrial automation and propulsion systems company)
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Once they arrived at the civilian side of BIAP, sometimes TDS and sometimes Government paralegals, would drive to the civilian side of the airport (which was located outside of the VBC US-manned perimeter, but inside an Iraqi Army-manned perimeter) and pick them up.
Although the Federal Aviation Administration still considers BIAP, and many other airfields in Iraq, too dangerous for U.
Douglass says the firm faithfully fulfilled the terms of its contract to protect BIAP and that the airport had no major security breaches during the period Custer Battles was in charge.
When the primary Baghdad camp moved from West BIAP, HSC soldiers surveyed an area that was later known as Camp Victory North.
For this reason, the battalion commander decided to establish a presence at BIAP in addition to the presence in Tallil mandated by CFLCC.
Since January 2010, the G4S team at the BIAP has been closely associated with the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority and the Iraqi Government towards development of the Iraqi Civil Aviation s capability and international credibility.
FourthWall Media, formerly known as BIAP, is an Emmy-nominated media company driving the creative revolution in interactive television through solutions that break through the 'fourth wall' to engage audiences, extend subscriber loyalty and deliver detailed measurement and reporting.
T]he undisputed facts manifestly demonstrate that Relators cannot establish a fraudulent inducement claim under the FCA because they have failed to show (i) that Custer Battles made a false statement regarding fixed security personnel staffing levels; (ii) that Custer Battles knowingly made the allegedly false statement; and (iii) that this allegedly false statement was material to the CPA's decision to award the BIAP contract to Custer Battles.
The participating companies were ARRIS, BIAP, BlackArrow, Cisco Systems, Concurrent, Ensequence, Motorola, OpenTV, RGB Networks, Sigma Systems, TANDBERG Television (Part of the Ericsson Group), This Technology, TVN Entertainment, and UniSoft Corporation.
Their eradication ensured a safer BIAP flying environment.
This was followed by a night flight into BIAP (Baghdad International Airport) with a Rhino (armored bus) ride to the Green Zone where the we reported to the Project Contracting Office (PCO).
The G4S team at the BIAP has worked closely with the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority and the Iraqi Government since January 2010 to develop the Iraqi Civil Aviation s capability and international credibility.