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BIASBack In A Second
BIASBerkeley Integrated Audio Software
BIASBristol Industrial Archaeological Society (UK)
BIASBremer Institut fur Angewandte Strahltechnik (Bremen Institute for Applied Jet Technology)
BIASBattlefield Illumination Airborne System
BIASBattlefield Illumination Assistance System
BIASBurroughs Integrated Adaptive System
BIASBiological Interference With Acoustic System
BIASBuoy-Integrated Antenna System
BIASBiometric Identity Assurance Services
BIASBatam International Association of Scuba Divers
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Then you and I are prepared to take up arms against any one who attributes such a saying to Simonides or Bias or Pittacus, or any other wise man or seer?
It is almost impossible for the best parent to observe an exact impartiality to his children, even though no superior merit should bias his affection; but sure a parent can hardly be blamed, when that superiority determines his preference.
Political partisans see bias even when news coverage really is neutral, according to Colorado State University's Cindy Christen and her coauthors.
It allows Collective Bias to guarantee engagement for advertisers across all social media channels.
If each of the three sections warrants a figure of 50 then this would indicate there was no bias for that race.
Dave D'Alessio's book is a scholarly attempt to understand the slippery concept of media bias in the context of presidential election coverage that spans about six decades.
The study found that that physicians exhibited implicit bias at roughly the same rate as regular community members, and that explicit bias was largely absent in both groups.
5 percent stemmed from ethnicity/ national origin bias.
Unilever is one of the pioneers in seeking a methodical approach to eradicating bias in business forecasting.
Personally, I don't feel that to have a particular bias is wrong whether it is for football or anything else.
Bottom line: For the process to rule the show, organizational bias has to go.