BIBDBank Islam Brunei Darussalam
BIBDBalanced Incomplete Block Design
BIBDBroad Ion Beam Deposition
BIBDBlocked Impurity Band Detector
BIBDBoid Inclusion Body Disease (snake disease)
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Figure 5 shows the data transmission rate versus BER for the SAC-OCDMA systems using 1D active weight TCK codes, 1D M-Seq codes, and 1D BIBD codes.
Figure 6 shows the effective source power versus BER for the SAC-OCDMA systems using 1D active weight TCK codes, 1D M-Seq codes, and 1D BIBD codes.
Experience shows that the BIBD is usually the appropriate design to adopt in evaluating software systems.
Bartlett's test Table 4: BIBD tableau for blocks and treatments.
BHT given to rats before and during the BIBD model prevented increased brain NF-[kappa]B-DNA binding, proinflammatory gene induction, the loss of neurogenesis, and neurodegeneration (Crews et al.
The rat BIBD model causes neurodegeneration in multiple brain regions directly related to alcohol rather than diet or alcohol withdrawal.
BIBD offers significant benefits over magnetron sputtering approaches on account of the independent control of ion energy and flux maintain critical film properties, plus that ability to work in a high vacuum ambient necessary to deliver very smooth films.
We are delighted to have been selected for funding and are keen to use the assets of Trikon and the established UK research base in BIBD and MRAM in particular to develop this new production tool.
With the rebranding, the rewards programme is now packed with enhanced features with their BIBD credit card and two `hadiah points for every B$1 spent with their BIBD credit card and one hadiah point for every $2 spent with the BIRD debit card.
Hjh Noraini binti Hj Sulaiman said, The signing signifies BIBD s commitment to customers with more choices and attractive rewards.
Pehin Dato Hj Yahya Bakar, BIBD Chairman and Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, adds: "Fajr Capital will link BIBD to international markets and to Fajr Capital's distinguished set of sovereign and private shareholders.
With a capital base of approximately $625 million and over 25 per cent market share, BIBD is the country's largest financial institution.