BIBFBeijing International Book Fair (China)
BIBFBahrain Institute of Banking and Finance
BIBFBangkok International Banking Facility
BIBFBoston-Israel Business Forum (Massachusetts)
BIBFBroad International Business Forum (Michigan State University)
BIBFBisexual Black Female
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Project management is a mandatory requirement for excellence in business pr1actice," said BIBF director Garry Muriwai.
The committee was briefed about the BIBF approach in honing the skills of national workforce and delivering banking and financial services to the region.
Mohammad Omar Farooq, Head of Centre for Research at BIBF, Mr.
Successful candidates will receive a joint certificate from BIBF and GARP.
The delegation discussed replicating BIBF's experience in Russia based on plans to start a model of Islamic finance training, as BIBF is the leading institute in Islamic banking and financial studies in the region.
BIBF director general Sylvie Nicolas outlined the BIBF developments and achievements which marked the previous phase in the work of the institute.
Dr Subhadra Ganguli, head of Centre for Banking, BIBF, said: "Field trips to CBB play an important role in enhancing and broadening knowledge, understanding and application of the academic learning in our class rooms.
BIBF Deputy Director, Hussain Ismail, and Head of Centre for Islamic Finance, Dr.
BIBF signed a four-year globally exclusive agreement with AAOIFI to bring the entire 95 AAOIFI standards (Sharia, accounting, auditing and governance) online via video-recorded lectures, voice-overs, interactive and animated explanations, notes, case studies, self-assessments and fatwa disclosures.
BIBF Director Solveig Nicklos gave a brief about BIBF's cooperation frameworks aimed at supporting the objectives of providing the labor market, particularly the financial and banking sector, with highly qualified cadres so as to meet the developmental needs.
In summarising the positive contributions to the insurance sector both Dr Scott and Muriwai agreed that future collaboration and innovation is at the forefront of both BIBF and CII thinking, which will include new qualification specialisations.
Garry Muriwai, BIBF Director, added: "BIBF's Center for Academic and Executive Learning is dedicated to providing learners with a high quality, rigorous English qualification specifically tailored for the business environment.