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BIBIBenthic Index of Biotic Integrity
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He showed nothing of his mind when Father Victor, for three long mornings, discoursed to him of an entirely new set of Gods and Godlings - notably of a Goddess called Mary, who, he gathered, was one with Bibi Miriam of Mahbub Ali's theology.
According to Bibi, her husband had remained unemployed and was seen wasting his time sitting uselessly in the neighbourhood.
His daughter Iqra Bibi and other son Muhammad Qaisar were also injured in the shelling.
Orphan Sharifa Bibi was paraded in the streets for over two hours and then taken to a Hujra and confined her there where these ten culprits started gazing and playing with her naked for over two hours.
Advocate Supreme Court Ahmed Ali was pursuing the case of Sharifan Bibi on humanitarian grounds while Advocates Sanaullah Gandapur and Imran Gandapur appeared in the court on behalf of the accused.
According to police, Bibi attempted to kill her husband, Mohamed Amjad, by spiking his milk with rat poison.
Bibi Lab claims that it has a zero lux rating when inside.
Bibi, of Bridgebourne Road, Bartley Green, claimed during her trial that she had nothing to do with the killing.
Without in any way condoning or trying to mitigate this shocking murder, before the likes of Elizabeth Yardley label anyone as a psychopath they should bear in mind the following: Zatoon Bibi was a scorned mistress who had been in a relationship with the deceased, a married man, for years and had two children with him.
Whereas each shrine owns its specific qualities and circle of followers, but may be none of them is as controversial as the stories relating to the shrine of Bibi Pak Daman in the city of Lahore.
Bibi was sentenced to death for allegedly insulting the prophet Muhammad during a row over drinking water with Muslim women.
Abu Mazen: Forgive me Bibi, you are such a hypocrite, I don't trust you period.