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BIBIBenthic Index of Biotic Integrity
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THE FINDINGS of an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the murder of Coventry mum Rabina Bibi are due to be made public soon.
The court heard Tazeem Akhtar, Nagina Akhtar and Nisbah Akhtar married sons of Bibi and settled in the UK from Pakistan.
Miss Bibi died after suffering 22 stab wounds to her head, neck and shoulders during the attack in the bedroom of her home in Wright Road, Alum Rock.
But all these entanglements didn't stop Bibi presenting himself as the contented family man during the recent campaign.
All the three women were rushed to hospital from where doctors discharged Rasoolan Bibi and Saadia Bibi after providing them first aid whereas Safia Bibi was admitted to the hospital for treatment and surgery.
Continuous refusal on the part of his son infuriated Aasia Bibi who allegedly started beating him, the complainant alleged and added that a stick hit the right eye of Talha, injuring him critically.
26 Masood Hashmi, Makhdoma Bibi Ruqqayya Bint e Ali, 8.
Bibi was sentenced to death for allegedly insulting the prophet Muhammad during a row over drinking water with Muslim women.
Abu Mazen: Forgive me Bibi, you are such a hypocrite, I don't trust you period.
According to the BBC, after the incident the 30-year woman's father surrendered before the police, but her brothers and former fiancee, who also stone Bibi to death, escaped.
Shuhina took the rap by lying that she killed him in self defence but jurors found Bibi guilty of manslaughter and perverting the course of justice.
Holding her three year old granddaughter in her arms, Bibi adjusted her hijab and launched into a narrative that began during the Soviet occupation.