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BIBLEBasic Instructions before Leaving Earth
BIBLEBasic Information Before Leaving Earth (Killah Priest song)
BIBLEBlinded Information Based on Lack of Evidence
BIBLEBasic Instructions Before Living Eternally
BIBLEBeliever's Instruction Before Leaving Earth
BIBLEBasic Instruction Book for Living on Earth
BIBLEBiblical Instruction Before Leaving Earth
BIBLEBest Investment Before Leaving Earth
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Lined up for the event are several activities that include the observance of National Bible Week on January 22 to 28 and National Bible Sunday on Jan.
While other translations present the 27 types of biblical information mainly in monotonous paragraph form, The Readable Bible is the first Bible to present the information in 17 modern formats.
The fundraising started on Friday during the Philippine Bible Society's 117th anniversary, where the group spoke about its vision for the Bible translation project that would make it easier to preach the Word of God to the deaf.
The incident inspired Charles and others to form the Bible Society in 1804.
Gerrit van Steenbergen a translations consultant from the United Bible Societies (1999), a Church leaders' workshop held in Okahandja (2011) and by Linda Jordan, a linguist from Wycliffe Bible Translators (2013).
The group also said that one in five children do not realise that the Noah's Ark and Adam and Eve stories are from the Bible, a third do not know that The Good Samaritan and David and Goliath are from the book, and well over half are none the wiser that Samson and Delilah and Jonah and The Whale are religious tales.
Often tourists walking along ystiklal Street are surprised to see the Bible Society bookstore.
Opening Doors to Discipleship -- an online Bible course, available at openingdoorstodiscipleship.
No, the Bible is the Church's Book and the only way to understand it is from within the Church.
It's a unique Bible; this is for the first time that a miniature Bible is being sold at our store.
John's Abbey in Minnesota and Donald Jackson of Wales, the Saint John's Bible is scheduled to be finished later this year.
The Bible is a modest copy: the title on the white cover is brassy, the paper coarse, and the colour photographs pallid.