BIBMBioinformatics and Biomedicine
BIBMBureau International du Béton Manufacturé (French: International Bureau for Precast Concrete; trade association)
BIBMInternational Conference on Bioinformation and Biomedicine (IEEE Conference)
BIBMBibliothèque des Mathématiques (French: Library of Mathematics)
BIBMBanc Internacional d'Andorra Banca Mora
BIBMBanc Internacional Banca Mora (Spanish; Andorran banking group; aka Banc Internacional d'Andorra Banca Mora)
BIBMBisexual Black Male
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2005 two workers' organisationsa (EMF and EMCEF) and 15 employers' organisations (APFE, BIBM, CAEF, CEEMET, CEMBUREAU, Cerame-Unie, EMO, EURIMA, Euromines, Euro-ROC, ESGA, FEVE, GEPVP, IMA-Europe and UEPG) http://www.
The issue had also been raised in BIBM research workshops by many bankers.