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BICEPBackground Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization (California Institute of Technology)
BICEPBi-Cultural Elective Programme (Singapore)
BICEPBiophysical Interactions and Controls on Export Production (National Oceanography Centre)
BICEPBattle Space Integrated Concept Emulation Prototype
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That polarization can take on a twirling pattern identical to the one BICEP researchers sought in the CMB to support the theory of inflation.
What good would strong back and bicep muscles (agonist muscles used for the rower's pulling motion) be if they were offset by imbalanced, weak opposing muscle groups (the antagonist pectoral and tricep muscles)?
With the exception of Bicep, perhaps - every one of the acts below are relatively unestablished at an international level, which sums up the last twelve months for music here in Northern Ireland.
On Thursday the mighty Bicep play live at Barras Art and Design Centre in Glasgow as part of their world tour.
The most critical measurements you'll need in order to pick your pattern size and make adjustments are your high bust, full bust, waist, hip and bicep.
RUGBY UNION: SIX NATIONS ENGLAND hooker Jamie George has been ruled out of the rest of the Six Nations by a bicep injury, and will be replaced on the bench for Saturday's clash with Wales by Luke Cowan-Dickie.
With VIP access, winners will get into the artists' lounge alongside headliners such as Simian Mobile Disco, Capercaillie, Bicep, Jackmaster and Mercury Music Prize nominee C Duncan.
Kan, "Congenital absence of the long head of the biceps brachii tendon as a Vater association," The American Journal of Orthopedics, vol.
As I've traveled to handball tournaments and watched players, I'm amazed by the number of players who have ruptured their biceps.
With Johnson in serious actor mode, it's difficult to tell where his biceps end and his performance begins.
Summary: A 24-year-old from Egypt has been awarded the Guinness World Record for his 31-inch biceps.
The Shake Weight[R] trial consisted of four exercises: one-handed biceps shake, two-handed triceps shake, one-handed shoulder shake, and two-handed chest shake.