BICESBattlefield Information, Collection, & Exploitation System
BICESBuilding Inspection and Code Enforcement System (software)
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BICES is an Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence system that provides U.
When coupled with BICES, information can easily be shared with other NATO allies and partners.
While testing LOGFAS and BICES, the 21st TSC discovered that the BICES server infrastructure was only operational during approved NATO exercises.
That solution was to email LOGFAS data from the NIPRNET to the SIPRNET and from the SIPRNET to BICES.
BICES, which is available in CONUS; however, units must have an active NATO Registry account and be a certified NATO Control Point to maintain access to this network.
Glynn Hines, Director, BICES Agency NATO, "Building Capabilities for Multinational Interoperability in an Era of Austerity," March 13, 2014.
In 2010 European Command recognized the need to employ BICES rapidly throughout the theater since "other NATO countries have been using the system for years"; nevertheless, the AOC possessed only one BICES terminal.
4ID's BICES capability continues to grow on Fort Carson with over 60 users and will become even more important as the Division's forward deployed Mission Command Element develops closer ties with NATO Allies involved in OAR.
The organizers said the new partnership is a long-term agreement--12 years--with BICES to be held in odd-numbered years from 2009 through 2021.
CNCMC), an organizer of BICES, and Dennis Slater, president of AEM, in a statement.
AEM and BICES both noted that the finalization of this agreement also provides an opportunity in the current global economic crisis to help the industry by consolidating trade show events and creating more value for exhibitors and attendees.
BICES makes use of a dedicated communications network with bulk encryption devices.