BICIBertinoro International Center for Informatics (University of Bologna; Italy)
BICIBook Item and Component Identifier (National Information Standards Organization)
BICIBroadband Intercarrier Interface
BICIBook Individual Contribution Identifier
BICIBelgian International Construction Industry (Belgium)
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Cabinet secretary general Dr Yasser Al Nasser said the Premier thanked all government departments for their commitment to the BICI recommendations.
The BICI, established on June 29, 2011 by an order by King Hamad Bin Eisa Al Khalifa, was tasked with investigating and reporting on the events that took place in Bahrain from February 2011 and their consequences.
The BICI was established on June 29, 2011 in Bahrain pursuant to Royal Order No.
BICI ITALIA Custom Cycling and Cultural Tours will be showcasing a new, custom handmade bike at the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS), February 26-28, at the Sacramento Convention Center.
However, our summary below sets out briefly and straightforwardly where work stands on each of the key areas from the BICI recommendations.
BICI, headed by Cherif Bassiouni was established last June, pursuant to a Royal Order, to investigate instances of alleged police brutality and violence by pro-democracy protestors.
Mis manos apretaron con intensidad los manubrios de la bici de mis suenos, ahi estaba, al fin ya mi primo Pablito no se reiria mas de mi por el solo hecho de que yo no tuviera una bicicleta como el la tenia, y la mia sin duda alguna era mucho mas bella que la de el.
The BICI is expecting to meet with over 2,000 people, amongst whom are victims and witnesses of the February/March 2011 unrest and their consequences in the ensuing period until September 30 -- the final date for such interviews.
The judge also ruled the MoD responsible for the injury and trauma the Bici cousins suffered.
Mr Justice Elias, in London, ruled that the Ministry of Defence was liable to both men in negligence and, in the case of Mohamet Bici, in trespass to the person.
Mohamet Bici, 27, was shot in the jaw during the July 1999 incident in Pristina,and Skender Bici, 28, says he suffered psychiatric illness as a result of what he witnessed.
In addition, BICI benefits from third party credit risk protection provided by Beazley.