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BICOBulk Intermediate and Consumer Oriented (United States Department of Agriculture)
BICOBureau for Industrial Cooperation (University of Dar es Salaam; Tanzania)
BICOBlack International Construction Organisation (UK)
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onde nao ha neve ao lado norte do bico mais ao sul das duas
The combination of properties makes the BICO fibers ideal for hygiene topsheets where softness for direct skin contact is required.
David Purdy in 1972, BICO established itself as a leading innovator of non-invasive sensors.
Avaliou-se a distribuicao da calda pulverizada em tres diferentes extratos da planta de soja (superior, mediano e inferior), a fim de determinar a capacidade de penetracao da calda no dossel das plantas, considerando-se a combinacao bico de pulverizacao e volume de calda.
Based on its current business model and projections, BICO management anticipates initial revenue of up to $10 per phone per month, a portion of which will be shared with the participating apartment property managers.
As in a mono-component MB process, a wide variety of bico MB fabrics can be produced by manipulating the processing conditions, such as melt/die temperatures, throughput, die geometry, airflow rate and its temperature, die-to-collector-distance (DCD) and collector speed.
Superior will retain the employees, offices and customers of BICO and fold them into one of its subsidiaries.
Much like a magazine publication sells advertising space based on its circulation and readership, the BICO WebPhone business relies on generating advertising revenue from an installed base of WebPhone appliances.
BICO expects initial orders to commence in the very near future as it begins to validate its business model working with property managers in the apartment and hotel industries.
Richard Greenwood, President and CEO commented, "So long as Amstrad continues to supply us with E3 Webphones, we will continue to include them as part of our product / solution mix; however, BICO will no longer be the exclusive distributor.
All BICO shareholders will retain their shares in BICO common stock, which will now trade on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board under the ticker symbol BIKO.