BICUBluefields Indian and Caribbean University (Nicaragua)
BICUBurn Intensive Care Unit
BICUBehavioral Intensive Care Unit (various locations)
BICUBus Integration Computer Unit
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The rest of the nursing staff in the BICU should have competencies specific to the care of burn patients, including wound care.
Taking care of the daily dressings and the special techniques, such as vacuum assistant closure (VAC) in the BICU are often lengthy procedures, taking up to 2 hours.
The total ICU expense in South Africa is unknown, but data accumulated 4 years ago in the Tygerberg BICU revealed that the average cost per patient is R59 500.
Pharmaceuticals and special investigations in the BICU will very often be the same as in any other ICU, with sepsis and complications being the main cause of expense.
There has, fortunately, been a substantial decrease in blood products used in the BICU over the past 5 years as a result of blood-saving techniques.
The risk factors for a new admission in the BICU include:
Patients in a BICU are very fragile with severe immune suppression.