BIDWBusiness Intelligence and Data Warehousing
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Bahrain International Design Week is a platform aiming to consolidate and collaborate with the region's existing efforts in the field with the vision to leverage these towards global success," said Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, Governor of the Capital Governorate and patron of Designer Bazr at BIDW.
Upon image acquisition all FFDM studies are automatically sent to the BIDW where image display is available in seconds and prior studies can be accessed for comparison, all ensuring optimal operational efficiency is maintained for radiologists.
BIDW will consist of four days of panel discussions and a three-day exhibition at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre.
Enterprise Grid Solutions from Sun and Oracle - Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Real Application Clusters environments with Sun's SPARC Enterprise and x64 servers, the Solaris OS and storage can allow customers to maximize the benefits of grid computing with minimal cost and complexity on a variety of enterprise application workloads including OLTP and BIDW.
University of Nevada, Reno -- The University of Nevada, Reno, uses BIDW for Warehouse financial, HR data and student information.
The TPC-H benchmark is designed to evaluate the performance of various BIDW and Decision Support Systems (DSS) systems at various database sizes, also referred to as scale factor (SF).
The Sun BIDW platform offers a flexible and low-cost architecture and is deployed at more than 2000 customers worldwide.
Sun's complete offering for the BIDW industry builds on the enterprise-class, virtually unparalleled security and scalability of the industry's #1 UNIX(R) Operating System, Solaris(TM).
Based on the quad-core SPARC64(TM) VII processor and the Solaris(TM) Operating System (OS), Sun's SPARC Enterprise servers deliver a highly scalable enterprise-class virtualization and consolidation platform, ideal for high-availability, mission-critical enterprise applications including large-scale databases, BIDW, ERP and CRM.
Specifically, Sun network computing BIDW infrastructure products and WebFOCUS reduce the complexity of business intelligence and data warehousing projects and enables very rapid deployment.
The new systems are ideal platforms for single-threaded enterprise applications including databases, BIDW, ERP and CRM.
Customers now have an entire end-to-end BIDW architecture that scales from 32-bit to 64-bit to handle the largest data sets but without adding complexity to the system.